Wastepaper Sampler

Wastepaper Sampler
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Rapid increasing import quantity of waste makes customs and port inspection departments to need quicker inspection. So it is crucial to increase scientificalness, effectiveness and speed of inspection. At the moment, manual rummage and sampling is main method of inspecting wast, which has many disadvantages and problems such as huge consumption of manpower, low safety, heavy workload, environment pollution and so on. Yosion’s waste material sampler is the solution.

During international and domestic trading of compressed wastepaper, waste plastics and wast foam, it is important to determine the quality of cargoes via strict quantitative analysis of whole batch of cargoes. Accurate and representative analysis is from accurate and representative sampling process. And the key point is Yosion’s waste material sampler.  


1.Free from effect of region and environment.

2.One-time investment and repeat use save basic input costs.

3.High mobility.

4.Easy maintenance and operation.

5.Improving environment of port and yard.


Customs, Port Inspection & Quarantine, Independent Inspection Organization.

Port Frontier, Port Yard and Importer


Sampling Material: Imported Waste Plastics and Wastepaper

Sampling Size: Length - 800mm, Diameter - 86mm

Overall Dimension: 2500x1200x1500mm

Weight: 1800kgs

Customised service is available.


Company Profile:

QINGDAO YOSION LABTECH CO., LTD. is a laboratory service provider which devotes to R&D, production, sales and service.
Our main business is automated sampling & preparation system, sample preparation equipment, containerized laboratory, fire assay equipment & consumable etc. Our products are mainly used in major ports, entry-exit inspection system, research institutes, steel mills, mining companies, independent detection institutions and so on. We have started global business expansion pace by exporting our independent R&D products to our partners and customers all over the world and planning to set up offices in Australia and Brazil.
After years of operation, we have established strategic partnership with some leading brands in Australia, United States, Germany, Canada and Brazil and have been authorized as general agent which is responsible for sales and service in China.
We believe in the philosophy of winning market by quality, obtaining development by innovation and building brand by trustworthiness. So we devote ourselves to promoting innovation and development of modern laboratory equipment and creating safe, efficient and comfortable working environment for laboratory workers.
Our first-class product quality and superb technical service have won our customers' consistent high praise. Now we are working with domestic and foreign scientific institutions to design and produce humane, intelligent and modular laboratory equipments. Nowadays Yosion's staff adhere to the principle of "proactivity, unity, factualism and rigorousness" and keep exploring and innovating and dedicate to provide the most cost-effective products, high-efficiency sample preparation project and meticulous service. 

>> 1.Are you a factory or a trading company?    
1.We are a factory focused on rigging hardware over 8 years.    
2.Our main business is automated sampling & preparation system, sample preparation equipment, containerized laboratory, fire assay equipment & consumable etc.
3.We have numerous distributors at home and board.    

>> 2.How do you control your quality?
1.Production process standardization, process standardization, refinement.    
2.100% Finished Product Testing.    
3.The third party product inspections are acceptable.    
4.ISO Quality Management System Certificated Factory ,Can according to customer's requirement customize.  
5.Inspection before loading    

>> 3.What are your advantages compared with others?
1.Owned factory, the same quality product, the best price.   
2.Timely Delivery with the support.
3.Numerous Patents in Rigging Hardware.