Reagents Fire Assay Using Its Role

Reagents fire assay using its role (Main reagents & functions)

Fire assay to join various reagents, through high temperature melting, the precious metals and the sample to be measured in the separation of matrix components. Added various reagents are not the same role. Some in high temperature chemical reaction after the sample can capture precious metals, known as scavenger; some can sample melted and the matrix component which generated a compound silicate, borate slag, called the flux or flux, slag agent. The reagent in the smelting process the role of classification, assay reagents are divided into seven categories: flux, reducing agents, oxidizing agents, desulfurization agents, curing agents, collectors and covering agents. Some agents only one purpose, such as SiO2 for use only acidic flux, but some agents both in several different ways, such as PbO both alkaline flux, but also collectors and desulfurizer.