Our Test Machine Market Processes Tend Analysis

With the growing demand of the international market, with people's lives, the testing machine industry has been rapid development, but due to technical and other aspects of innovation, there is still a huge gap between domestic and foreign testing machine industry, the lack of core technologies low-level redundant, product stability and reliability can not be fundamentally resolved, in the high-end precision instruments still heavily dependent on imports, large imports adversely affect the industry.

Metals, non-metallic, high-temperature alloys, high-molecular compound and other materials to achieve the best use of the important factors, in addition to the factors structural design, processing technology, with its physical performance is an indispensable testing machine is used for measure the physical properties of the material of choice for equipment and necessary tools. With the development and improvement of industrial production requirements of global science and technology, once rare test machine industry is now out of purdah, Chang said to the people growing market with strong growth potential of this industry, the data show that China's test machine market Total sales of up to 4 billion yuan annually.

Testing Machine market prospects are so good, but lack of universal testing machine manufacturing technology research and development, product updates slow, and the domestic high-end market testing machine has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers. Our test machine enterprises should ask how to break the bottleneck of the development, build brand localization testing machine, and then gradually enter the high-end market, and ultimately to achieve healthy development of the testing machine industry? I believe many domestic testing machine experts, users and manufacturers are struggling to find the breakthrough!