Fire Assaying Theoretical Basis Can Be Summarized In Five Areas

First, the proper use of a chemical reagent melting point reduction, to ensure good fluidity can be obtained in the mineral assaying furnace temperature reached.

Second, the high-temperature molten metal lead on gold and silver and precious metals have great ability collector can be exposed in a molten state completely melted down gold and silver in the lead.

Third, the proportion of different metallic lead and slag, molten lead in the sinking portion is formed in the end lead button, slag floating on it, to achieve a good separation of lead and slag buckle.

Fourth, at a temperature and lead easily oxidized, while fine porous lead oxide can be absorbed by the ash pan, gold and silver can not be oxidized to form a co-grain ash pan being retained.

Fifth, by the gold and silver in nitric acid solubility of different gold and silver were separated into the silver to form a silver nitrate solution, gold can be calculated by weighing gold products