Fire Assay Of Fundamentals

Fire Assay analysis is actually a crucible or container ash pan is a method of assay, a wide range of different procedures, lead trial gold, bismuth test gold, tin tries gold, antimony test gold, nickel sulfide test gold, copper sulfide test gold, copper and iron nickel-trial gold, copper test gold, iron, gold and other test. Assay method but a variety of new principles and assaying smelting process reactions still have a lot in common with lead assaying. In all the fire assay method, the application was the most important thing is the most common lead assaying method, the advantage of the resulting lead button may be gray blow. Lead assaying method and ash blowing technology, can make tens of grams of the precious metal enrichment of samples in a few milligrams of weight synthetic grains. Lead assaying method, Au capture rate> 99%, to as low as 0.2 ~ 0.3g / t of Au recovery is still very high, lead Assaying analytical accuracy of constants and trace precious metals are high. The following assay method as an example to briefly lead fire assay principle.