Conventional Fire Assay Overview

1. Assaying ash blowing furnace

Assaying by the high-temperature furnace ash blowing, generally referred to muffle countries have made a certain amount of data presentation, there are certain technical requirements. [22] pointed out that "cupellation furnace - a furnace muffle furnace, this furnace should have air circulation inlet and outlet, the best can make the air warms up and stabilized through? , furnace temperature can be uniformly heated from room temperature to 1100

℃. According to information on South Africa, its use of assaying laboratory furnace ash pan can be placed at once, place the ash pan Lead buckle, too, after the completion of all ash blowing ash pan can be taken out at once.

2, the balance and weight

Fire Assay analysis is mass spectrometry, Jintian Ping to test more stringent requirements. Early Japanese arms swing test Jintian Ping, the largest weighing as 1-2g, for weights have more stringent requirements, to use the platinum-iridium alloy production. Assaying analysis chamber over the country mostly use weighing 20g, a sense of the amount of 0.01mg precision analytical balance, many units have been used to sense the amount of 0.001mg precision analytical balance. Balances and weights require frequent calibration, according to the size of the workload, the calibration period of one month or one quarter appropriate.