Graphite Crucibles

Graphite Crucibles
Product Details

1. Graphite crucible can be used for non-ferrous metal smelting and casting, dissolving gold or silver ornaments, analysis of special type steel, sintering hard metal.

2. graphite crucible for smelting gold is specialized in melting gold in headgear and jewelry industry. That requests graphite material has high density and purity, ablation-resistance, and it can be used many times. We can machine various crucibles according to customer's requirement.

3. Machined from high pure graphite and widely used in the gold, silver, platinum and other noble metals melting. If it's used in oxygen atmosphere, it will start to be oxygenized when the temperature is higher than 700-800°c. If it's used in the protective atmosphere, it can stand more than 2000°c.

4. widely used in such fields as industrial furnaces, mono-crystalline silicon machinery, mono-crystalline silicon machinery, electron, semi-conductor, metallurgy, oil, chemistry, textile, electrical machinery, electrical equipment, electrical furnace, traffic, communication industry, medicine, etc.


1. High purity machined graphite crucible, which is machined according to customers' drawing from large graphite blocks. It is widely used in melting of glass, precious metals, rare earth, zinc, silver, gold, ceramics etc. 

2. Graphite clay crucible. This kind of graphite crucible is pressed in mold of mixtures of graphite powder and clay. 

3. Graphite SiC crucible. This kind of crucible is isostatic pressed in mould of mixtures of graphite powder and Silicon carbide. 

The second and third kinds of crucibles are widely used for melting iron, steel, copper, aluminum, tin, zinc, silver and gold etc. 

Customized sizes and services are available. If you are not sure which kind of graphite crucible is suitable, we can offer you suggestions according to our professional experience in metal casting industry.


1. High strength (flexural strength: 39Mpa, compressive strength: 78Mpa. Graphite’s strength increases with rising of temperature)

2. High purity (Carbon: 99.5%)

3. High temperature resistance (graphite material melting point is 3850±50)

4. Good heat shock resistance.

5. Precise Machining.

6. High machining capabilities.



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>> 2.How do you control your quality?
1.Production process standardization, process standardization, refinement.    
2.100% Finished Product Testing.    
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5.Inspection before loading    

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