TML Insert Tester

TML Insert Tester
Product Details

TML Insert Tester is equipment specialized for flow moisture point (FMP) and use moisture limit (TML) tests. It fully meets the test requirements in IMSBC Code about ultimate fitness water for cargoes which may liquefy.


Table vibrator is capable of vibrating a 30Kg sample to 50Hz or 60Hz, with acceleration greater than 3g rms (Acceleration is adjustable).

Two kinds of non-magnetic, impermeable round bowl with sufficient rigidity. Small bowl is for samples with maximum diameter of 10mm.

Big bowl is for samples with maximum diameter of 25mm.

Adjust the insert mass with respect to the sample. If the sample contains coarse-particle, insert two inserts of the same mass, in order to avoid errors of judgment.

The bows support easy overall removal, aim to improve working efficiency and reduce working intensity of engineers.

Instrument parameters: 

Dimensions (L*H*W): 500*200*500 mm

Vibration Direction: Vertical

Maximum Test Load (Kg): 100

Vibration Waveform: Sine wave

Duration Control: Any duration (in seconds)

Vibration Frequency: 50Hz

Insert Mass: 88g and 177g

Supply Voltage (V): 220(±10%)

Peak Current: 5 A

Environment: Constant temperature and humidity, no air flow

Sample Cargo: Small bowl is for samples with maximum diameter of 10mm

Big bowl is for samples with maximum diameter of 25mm

Compatible Bows: Small bowl volume: 1.7L

Big bowl volume: 4.7L



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