Calcining Furnace

Calcining Furnace
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Qingdao Yosion Labtech Co.,Ltd is one of the leading calcining furnace manufacturers and suppliers China, if you are looking for hot sell cheap and low price and high quality, top quality, premium quality, super quality and advanced calcining furnace from professional factory, dealer and franchiser, please feel free to contact us. And welcome to wholesale high grade and competitive price industrial calcining furnace, and direct marketing, direct selling and direct distributor products from us, and to check products metallurgy with us.

Calcining Furnace is widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, development of new materials, specialty materials, building materials and other fields of production and experimental.

1. Simple structure and not easy damaged

The stove is simple in structure because without any rotational parts and the powder be made flow, so it has the advantages of easy manufacturing and almost need not repair and maintenance after being put into commission. The stove is not to be worried about burnout and its service life is very long because using low temperature heat source.

2. Compact equipments and less land occupation

The calciner is a kind of vertical equipment linking dust collector which is installed on the upper of the body into a whole unit. Compact equipments with advantages of using less land and avoiding produce dew in dust collector.

3. Low energy costing.

Calcining Furnace consists of high quality imported Morgan materials fiber bricks with Novel appearance, the shell is made of good quality steel profiles, surface spray, quick heating, anti-corrosion, inside and outside the double oven stes, the surface temperature is low,equipped with air cooling ,cooling speed reasonable circuit design,microcomputer control, double circuit protection (over-temperature, over voltage, over current, even paragraphs, powers, etc.)

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>> 1.Are you a factory or a trading company?    
1.We are a factory focused on rigging hardware over 8 years.    
2.Our main business is automated sampling & preparation system, sample preparation equipment, containerized laboratory, fire assay equipment & consumable etc.
3.We have numerous distributors at home and board.    

>> 2.How do you control your quality?
1.Production process standardization, process standardization, refinement.    
2.100% Finished Product Testing.    
3.The third party product inspections are acceptable.    
4.ISO Quality Management System Certificated Factory ,Can according to customer's requirement customize.  
5.Inspection before loading    

>> 3.What are your advantages compared with others?
1.Owned factory, the same quality product, the best price.   
2.Timely Delivery with the support.
3.Numerous Patents in Rigging Hardware.