Automated Fusion System

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Automated Fusion System is developed by YOSION, is to lead buckle sample preparation and engage analysis part of the automatic fire assay system.Traditional hand hot assay furnace can not be used in automated systems, because robot can add and remove the crucible. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new assay furnace avoid robots are put into or take out the thermal damage was caused when the crucible.

Manipulator automatic fire assay sample melting system has four at the bottom of the crucible, hold up from the bottom of the table of the crucible, pneumatic into assay furnace.This assay furnace oven door not installed, so even when conveying crucible can effectively keep the furnace temperature, and the traditional assay furnace door open when will lose a lot of temperature.This equipment can reach 1300℃, use a standard Kanthal resistance wire components.

All the replacement parts, the equipment is very simple. If crucible pad worn by flux or slag material burnt can easily be replaced, even if be assay grate the corrosive flue gas wear top cover can be replaced easily, only first close equipment power shutdown cooling equipment.



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